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What is the timeline of my order?

My goal is to have your flowers back to you in 12-24 weeks however, it may extend past the 24 weeks during busy seasons.

Can you use previously dried flowers?

Absolutely! Although, if the dried flowers are molded and frail lets see if we can find a florist to recreate your wedding bouquet!

Is there a deposit to hold my spot?

Yes! I require a 25% non-refundable deposit to save your spot.

Do I get to choose the final layout?

For sure! I will email you your layout, once it is approved by you I will begin the pouring process. 

What flowers should I avoid?

It is not that you should 100% not use them, some just don't do well during the drying process. I can glue a lot of the petals together but flowers such as garden roses tend to dry not as pretty a they once were.

Chrysanthemums (all varieties), Hypericum Berries, some Garden Roses

Orchids, Monstera leaves, Anthuriums may need color enhancement

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