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Flower Processing

Once I receive your flowers, I begin processing them. The bouquet is gently taken a part, flowers are cut and greenery is separated. Typically, I only keep the amount of flowers needed to complete your order.



After the flowers are processed, I then place them into airtight containers with silica gel. I use silica gel to dry all fresh flowers. This allows the flowers to keep more of their natural colors and shapes. Please note darker flowers such as red/maroon flowers tend to dry a lot darker.


Your flowers will be carefully removed from the silica gel and the design process will begin. I will design a layout and they will be sent to you, to review. 


Time to Pour

You have approved the layout! Now the pouring begins. Yes, POURING. Resin is poured in layers, with each layer being anywhere from 1/4" to 1/2". Each layer poured = one day. Some blocks may take a week, others may take two. You will be able to see each layer once your block is delivered. 

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