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You will notice that all of my blocks have real names. These blocks are named after real people, people who have played a HUGE role in my life and have helped grow my business by purchasing a block or being an amazing support system along the way. 


If you are wanting to get the most out of your bouquet, the 10X10 is the way to go. I know you're thinking, "do I really need a block this big?" If that is the question the answer is always "YES!" No matter the layout style you are guaranteed to get full use of the majority of your blooms.

7" $450
9" $ 550

The hexagon shape offers a unique twist to preserving your wedding bouquet. With its six sides it offers more dimension and is overall just a fun way to view your bouquet for years to come. 

$ 450


Lucky number 7! 7x7 that is! If you are looking for something just a tad bigger than the oh so famous 6x6 this is the one. 



The small but mighty and most commonly purchased 6X6 block allows you to preserve bits and pieces of your bouquet without spending an arm and a leg. 



"The Oblong One"

This 9x6 block is very different but very cute and functional. Maybe the hexagon isn't your "thing" but you still want something different than the cube.. this is the way to go. It can fit a large variety of your blooms.

If you love the boho style, then you will love the 8" arch block. The dried florals paired with the mauves and taupe colors from your bouquet really make this block POP! Now, it isn't just for the boho brides but it certainly is a hit with them.



"For the Reader" 

If you are a book worm bride, you will no doubt LOVE the book ends. You really can't go wrong with either size however, if you have a fairly large book collection then maybe the larger size would be best... plus you can fit a lot more blooms.

5" $400
7" $500





"Circle of Love"

This 6" circle has a flat bottom to allow for it to stand on its own. It looks great when designed from the middle but even better when designed from bottom to the top. Just like the 6x6 block, this is an affordable option for those budget brides that still want to preserve a piece of their wedding. 


Add-ons may only be purchased with the purchase of a resin block.

5" Hexagon - $200
4x4 - $200
Round Paperweight - $20
Ring Holder - $55
Wine Stopper - $45
Heart Paper Weight - $60
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